The A to Z Guide to Soul-Inspiring Leadership
How many of you are truly fulfilled at work?  Do you produce passionately rather than passively?

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In our experience, only a fraction of workers around the world achieve their full potential.  Hungry for meaningful work that makes a broader contribution, they pine for transformational leadership that opens doors to soul-inspiring possibilities.

Not knowing how to find or create such leadership, we instead complain about conditions in the workplace.  Just as we complain about taxes.  And like with taxes all too many of us never seem to do anything to make a positive change.

Here's where The A to Z Guide to Soul-Inspiring Leadership comes in. Existing or emerging leaders can use this straightforward collection of practical wisdom and specific suggestions to have an immediate impact on their work environment.  The A to Z Guide to Soul-Inspiring Leadership is written in an approachable, down-to-earth style, and contains 26 easy-to-understand messages about inspirational leadership.

Each chapter contains a few core ideas, ranging from acknowledgement to nurturing to values to zap, giving practical suggestions on how to improve your leadership style in order to transform your workplace into both a better place to work and one that also achieves results.  Read a topic each week and use the 'assigned tasks' at the end of each chapter to practice the ideas suggested.

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