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Managing Change/Transitions

Situation:  A $100 million telecommunications organization was closing 30 city offices across North America to create a centralized Call Center serving an existing and ideally expanding customer base.  The aim was to achieve cost efficiencies from closing unviable centers and to position the organization for future growth from new opportunities.

Action:  We spearheaded implementation of a series of change management solutions, the foundation being Transitions sessions with all 1,000 employees and leaders in the 30 closing locations.  Through on-site observation and interviews, we noted that logistical aspects of closing offices were being addressed while people issues around managing change, severance and re-employment were not.  We completed a crucial missing link.

Results:  Productive employees until severance; unanticipated staff inspired to move to the new location which harnessed valuable existing skills and knowledge; integrity-based industry reputation (even in a downsizing environment).

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