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Situation:  A $300 million sales and marketing organization in Canada that had become a monopoly in its core business was experiencing increasing marketplace challenges to profitability and competitiveness.  With growing pressure from its Board of Directors and shareholders, they initiated a large-scale improvement project on several fronts simultaneously.

Action:  We led the project to re-evaluate employees in key existing functions and were part of a consultant team to implement a pilot project called “Branch of the Future”.  For the former, we designed tools, methods and communication structures to do a current workforce assessment.  For the latter, we developed competency-based job profiles and innovative work processes, plus revamped HR systems to create a continuous learning culture.

Results:  Right people performing optimally in right jobs; effective role transition, skill upgrading and/or redeployment of employees; streamlined work processes eliminating duplication of effort and other inefficiencies.

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