Toxic or Terrific Teleclass
Which describes your workplace?
toxic or terrific
Consider This:
  • Are you truly fulfilled at work?
  • Do you jump out of bed in the morning or long to pull the covers over your head?
If you race to work, then your environment may well be terrific. Congratulations! How can you make it even better? If you dread the new workday, then your organization might be toxic. There’s hope! How can you transform what feels like 'doing time' into passionate productivity?
If these questions intrigue you, then join this inspiring class where we will together take a close look at:
  • What defines a toxic versus terrific workplace
  • How to tell if your organization is soul-wounding or soul-inspiring
  • How to identify source(s) of toxicity
  • What actions you can take to transform your environment
Whether you are a leader, manager or employee - you are invited to take this opportunity to step back from your daily reality to explore how your work environment shows up for you, and how you show up in it.
Share your stories and insights, as I plan to share mine.  Come away from this interactive hour having crafted your game plan for taking your workplace from toxic or terrific…to really terrific!
Date:   TBA
With:   Carol-Ann Hamilton
Register:   info@changingleadership.com or 905-822-2503
Carol-Ann Hamilton inspires leaders across North America to inspire results. Her work supports them in building high-performance cultures where people unleash their potential while achieving bottom-line goals. Carol-Ann's new book, "The A to Z Guide to Soul-Inspiring Leadership" consolidates 25 years of corporate leadership experience into a definitive guide for success.
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