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Carol Ann:  Changing Leadership - management and leadership training, team building and oranizationa
Carol-Ann Hamilton is founder and president of Changing Leadership.  A pioneer-visionary, she has earned a reputation as a highly regarded thought leader, consultant and coach who inspires leaders to inspire results through engaged workplaces.

Carol-Ann’s new book, The A to Z Guide to Soul-Inspiring Leadership, consolidates 25 years of corporate leadership experience in Fortune 500, entrepreneurial and consulting settings into a definitive guide for building high-performance cultures where people unleash their potential while achieving bottom-line goals. Her work with leaders across North America, Europe and Australia takes a traditional inspirational message into the real world of actual workplaces with proven ideas that accomplish results.
Carol Ann:  Changing Leadership - management and leadership training, team building and oranizationa
Carol-Ann’s life purpose is to transform the workplace.  Nothing gives her greater delight than to partner with others as uncompromising as she in restoring corporate ethics and personal integrity to organizational life.

Ms. Hamilton holds a B.A. and B. Ed. from the University of Toronto.  She is a familiar presenter at the International Association of Facilitators and International Coach Federation Conferences in the U.S. and Canada. Her next book, Step Out of Your Sandbox! is due for publication in 2005, followed by The Next A to Z Guide to Soul-Inspiring Leadership in 2006.
Carol-Anne is an accomplished organizational development professional who brings trustworthiness and integrity to any workplace that she serves.She has an outstanding ability to understand the human resource complexities presented in the workplace and is equipped  to coach today's leaders accordingly.Her commitment and perseverance to see work  to completion is unparalleled.
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