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Our Approach:  Changing Leadership - management and leadership training, team building and oranizati
We work with you to customize the right combination of services to meet your needs.

While each client’s situation is unique, we typically use a five-step process to address your needs:

  • Problem Definition:
    Defining an accurate sense of the problem by getting at root causes – not just presenting ‘symptoms’.
    Deliverable: Summary of Understanding including proposed approach, methodology, timelines and resources.

  • Fact Finding:
    Refining and confirming the problem statement through diagnostic tools like interviews, focus groups and other facilitated meetings, organizational and leadership audits, assessments, customer surveys, competitor and/or SWOT analysis, benchmarking, etc.
    Deliverable: Documented Findings – based on tools and methods used.

  • Solution Development:
    Exploring and developing possible solutions, narrowing down to a recommended course of action.
    Deliverable:  Action Plan that clearly outlines agreements, roles and responsibilities, solution scope and go-forward budget.

  • Implementation:
    Gaining agreement on the preferred solution and implementing it, including the change management issues that often arise.
    Deliverable:  Agreed Solutions (organizational redesign, new systems and processes, training and development, coaching, etc.).

  • Evaluation & Assessment:
    Evaluating impact of implemented solution(s) within agreed timelines and determining further action, if appropriate.
    Deliverable: Documented ROI and Recommended Next Steps.

At Changing Leadership, we do not believe in drawn-out assignments that are long on analysis and short on action
– thus creating consultant dependency.

Our goal is to leave you and your team capable to deal with future challenges – using your collective skills, knowledge and experience.
Our Approach:  Changing Leadership - management and leadership training, team building and oranizati
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