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Value Proposition:  Changing Leadership - management and leadership training, team building and oran
Our clients choose to work with us because we are a trusted resource for helping them create high-performance workplaces through inspirational leadership that inspires results.
What this means for those we serve is that we create an integrity-based environment where, in talking confidentially about their greatest business issues, leaders get clear about how to realize previously unimagined futures.
The benefit is the confidence and clarity to break through roadblocks and take advantage of opportunities that serve employees, the organization, customers and shareholders.
An important aspect of our value is the core principles of Changing Leadership:

  • As catalysts, we question self-imposed limits and break through what stops you from realizing your highest aspirations.
  • Even though we challenge barriers, we always do so in a spirit of mutual respect, trust and safety.
  • We partner with our clients in a process of listening, inquiry and feedback designed so you discover your own answers.
  • We lead by example, convinced (as was Gandhi) that we must strive to be the change we wish to see in the world.
Value Proposition:  Changing Leadership - management and leadership training, team building and oran
Our work with people in organizations is guided by these beliefs:

  • Profit is an outcome, not a goal unto itself.
    Profit results from doing a number of things right, starting with treating people right.

  • “How we really are around here” starts with leadership.
    Soul-inspiring leaders’ character and values show courage of conviction.  By modeling authenticity, they encourage others to.

  • Soul-inspiring leaders bring out the best in people.
    They ignite passion by inviting team members’ contributions.  This unbridled energy makes them employers of choice.

  • Improving how people work is a critical performance lever.
    Engaging environments install systems and processes that humanize, not de-humanize – making it easy to get the job done.

  • It is time to question our very notions of work itself.
    Employees yearn for meaningful work and they will go where they find it. No more are there ten people behind each who leaves.
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